Michael Herbst, Account Executive at  COUNTERPART, brings a vast reservoir of knowledge from his more than three years at a SOLIDWORKS value-added reseller.

Herbst shared, “My excitement for joining the COUNTERPART team has only been exceeded by what I’ve learned about how our solution truly bolsters companies’ margins on each and every challenging engineered to order project. This results in fatter and blacker bottom lines, and, most importantly, raving fandom from their customers.”

“Michael has extensive knowledge in not only software for manufacturers, but in how manufacturers operate and what they are looking for. He is a positive salesperson who brings with him the energy that only some are born with. Michael adds a depth to our sales team not only by his knowledge but by his ideas, noted Todd Clevenger, Sales Manager at COUNTERPART.

Herbst chased his desire to be in the engineering and manufacturing disciplines that held his interest since he was very young, leading him to where he is now at COUNTERPART.


COUNTERPART is a full business operating software solution for engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturers. COUNTERPART Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) significantly improves efficiency, visibility, and project management while reducing human error.

Unlike many ETO ERP solutions COUNTERPART is an engineering-centric solution.  Most ERP systems are back-office accounting solutions and distracted by CRM and other operational functions. COUNTERPART ensures there are no features in the technology which detract from the need focus on the BOM (Bill of Materials) needed to address the fast-changing engineering challenges of ETO manufacturers.. continue reading the full article here.