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Counterpart created by Smooth Logics is a full business operating software


No matter the size of your company, purchasing can be overwhelming. Our goal is to simplify and streamline a once-daunting task. Counterpart achieves this by searing for and continuing like-orders and helping prioritize purchasing tasks to ensure due dates are met. Regardless of what you acquire items from inventory, manufacture them internally, or purchase them externally, all these functions are located in one program for ease of use. Like and e-mail client, a complete list of pending, issued, in-process, received ( partially or fully), and canceled orders are available for quick reference.

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Mission Two

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In an engineer-to-order manufacturing environment, it is imperative that all manufacturing departments remain flexible through the building process. As your requirements change and update designs are released, manufacturing must adapt. Chane is inevitable but minimizing its impact is what Couterpart does best.  Continue reading “Manufacturing”

Smooth Logics was established to fill a void in the marketplace for an intelligent, engineering-driven ERP business solution. Mass-manufacturing has a vast selection of ERP solutions available to them, but customer and engineer-to-order ETO manufacturers are not offered the same variety of solutions that truly fit their business.

We are well-qualified to meet the needs of this industry because its where we started. Over the years, we have honed our customer manufacturing engineering and software knowledge and we pride ourselves on leveraging these competencies to deliver a solution that solves the problems that industry is facing. What makes us unique is that we have added a vital component to our development approach – bi-directional SOLIDWORDS integration. Our goal is to give your company all the tools you’ll need to be successful in moving our company forward. We want to help you lead the way.