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More Than ERP Software

The COUNTERPART suite is more than ERP/MRP software. It is a business operation software solution that gives you visibility into and control over your business.

COUNTERPART enables you to effectively manage projects and resources through every department from start to finish, while integrating with SOLIDWORKS.

COUNTERPART is flexible and configurable to meet the needs of your business.

Total Business Solutions

You might be assessing your business and find that a software upgrade may not be the only thing you need. We are here to help. We will come out to your business, discuss with you what you have, what you don't have, and what you want to have, and then work with you to develop a plan to get you to where you want to be.

Here are the solutions we offer:

  • SOLIDWORKS consulting
  • Server upgrades
  • Follow-up training
  • Home
  • Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Parts
  • Viewer

countERPart logo SolidWorks Solution Partner

COUNTERPART by Smooth Logics is a full business operating software solution for engineer-to-order manufacturers. COUNTERPART serves to significantly improve efficiency, visibility, and project management while reducing human error.

Finding the right ERP/MRP software solution will transform your business from a series of disconnected departmental applications to one unified, highly-effective interdepartmental operation. COUNTERPART enables users to access the information they need to do their job, share information easily with those who need it, and get real-time snapshots of job progress. Additionally, COUNTERPART offers patent-pending bi-directional SOLIDWORKS integration, allowing your business to leverage the information housed inside SOLIDWORKS and dramatically improve engineering efficiency.

Another great benefit of COUNTERPART is the enhanced project management capability. Job Manager allows every job to be assigned to and prioritized for your staff by release date, lead time, due dates and more. By configuring the system to know your work environment, you can be confident that your staff is working on the most important jobs all the time.

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As a SOLIDWORKS® Solution Partner, we offer a patent-pending Add-In that resides inside SOLIDWORKS, eliminating the time-consuming task of entering ERP-related data into a disconnected external program. The Add-In enables users place order requests from inside SolidWorks, minimizes unproductive time, establishes an automatic data connection between SOLIDWORKS and COUNTERPART, and reduces human error. COUNTERPART continually gathers relevant information from purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, etc and delivers feedback to the engineer working in SOLIDWORKS. This empowers your engineers to make well-informed decisions when creating, ordering and revising models within SOLIDWORKS.

COUNTERPART Engineering Advantages:

  • Management can assign tasks to the entire department in one place.
  • Engineers receive a live, prioritized task list.
  • Task due dates are calculated to take engineering, manufacturing and assembly times into account.
  • When designing in SOLIDWORKS, engineers enter property data into SolidWorks and COUNTERPART simultaneously through the Add-In toolbar.
  • Engineers place order requests from inside SOLIDWORKS. Due dates are provided based on each job’s schedule in relation to the component that is being ordered. Several system checks are continually performed to help avoid duplicate orders and/or missed parts.
  • As engineers submit order requests, the requests are sent to purchasing in real time.
  • As engineers make revisions to their prints, manufacturing is notified to ensure rework is performed as needed.

No matter the size of your company, purchasing can be overwhelming. Our goal is to simplify and streamline a once-daunting task.
achieves this by searching for and combining like-orders and helping to prioritize purchasing tasks to ensure due dates are met. Regardless of whether you acquire items from inventory, manufacture them internally, or purchase them externally, all of these functions are located in one program for ease of use. Like an e-mail client, a complete list of pending, issued, in-process, received (partially or fully), and cancelled orders are available for quick reference.

COUNTERPART Purchasing Advantages:

  • One unified program for all purchasing requests.
  • Intuitive filtering to assist in combining like orders when possible.
  • Comprehensive item location tracker.
  • Current order and history lookup.
  • Relative purchasing history to assist in making informed decisions.

In an engineer-to-order manufacturing environment, it is imperative that all manufacturing departments remain flexible throughout the building process. As your requirements change and updated designs are released, manufacturing must adapt. Change is inevitable, but minimizing its impact is what Smooth Logics does best.

COUNTERPART Manufacturing Advantages:

  • Management assigns responsibilities to employees based on their skill set.
  • All users have a live priority list to work from.
  • Management is able to dynamically control the flow of manufacturing based on priority and due dates.
  • All phases of manufacturing are recorded for instant item tracking.
  • COUNTERPART optimizes manufacturing efficiency by intelligently distributing the workload based on current work flow.
  • Comprehensive tracking and history are retained for detailed reporting and analysis.

We understand how important it is to maintain an accurate inventory. Because of this, COUNTERPART Inventory was designed around searchability and simplicity. With our comprehensive tracking system, information lookup is easy - whether it be costing, trending or history. All information regarding your inventory is located in one convenient place.

COUNTERPART Inventory Advantages:

  • Easy access to the parts you need
  • Comprehensive inventory tracking
  • Cycle count management
  • Real-time modifications
  • Detailed history records
  • SolidWorks component preview

With customers today demanding just-in-time deliveries, optimizing your shipping practices is a necessity. COUNTERPART Shipping and Receiving effectively manages shipping and receiving priorities to meet critical delivery dates. We provide clear direction for all known incoming shipments, saving your company valuable time.

COUNTERPART Shipping and Receiving Advantages:

  • A prioritized shipping schedule ensures you can meet your customers' just-in-time delivery requirements.
  • Quickly organize and process new receipts with an itemized list of what was purchased and the job with which it is associated.
  • COUNTERPART compares delivered goods to your initial purchase order and tracks any inconsistencies.
  • All shipping and receiving information is readily accessible to anyone in the company.

We understand the importance of supporting your customers after the initial equipment install. COUNTERPART Parts provides the tools necessary to effectively manage replacement part orders, warranty claims, and more.

COUNTERPART Parts/Service Advantages:

  • Quote and invoice replacement parts and parts upgrades for existing equipment.
  • Translate quoted parts easily into orders for purchasing.
  • Schedule engineered/in-house manufactured parts through the Job Scheduler.
  • Follow order procurement, whether in-house or external.

Most companies desire a software solution that can give you all the information you need. Most software solutions claim to solve that problem. COUNTERPART offers one application that gives you all the information you need in one place - the Master Parts Record Viewer.

COUNTERPART Master Parts Record Viewer Advantages:

  • View a part's SOLIDWORKS property data, SOLIDWORKS parent/child relationships, as well as the SOLIDWORKS model preview.
  • Instantly see order requests, purchase or work orders, revisions, and notes on a part.
  • View current on-hand quantities and corresponding inventory locations.
  • Access vendor data and other pertinent purchasing data.
  • Place orders quickly without requiring access to the model in SOLIDWORKS.

What users have to say about COUNTERPART:

COUNTERPART gives me what I ask for right from my SOLIDWORKS model, and at the same time challenges me to make sure I’m asking for what I really want.  It also provides a great record of the work I’ve completed, from which I can deduce that which is left to be done.” Lon Eding Design Engineer
“Since using Smooth Logics’ COUNTERPART software, I am able to manage my engineering department more efficiently, plan ahead, and have exceptional visibility to progress though the design and release phases, all through the COUNTERPART software.” Todd Kemme Engineering Manager

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